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Jesus Loves You, Brian Wilson

from the album "Little Red Riding Hood"

(Mike Roe)

When I first heard you
Well, I was just a kid
And you sang "doo-wah doo-wah"
Every note from you was
Like a letter from home
When you went "doo-wah, doo-wah"
But for too many years
It's been sounding pretty weird
When you sang "doo-wah, doo-wah"
It made me feel so bad
I had to find out what happened
To your "doo-wah, doo-wah"

I paid the Preiss and Leafed
Through every book that I could find
About your "doo-wah doo-wah"
I found a soul on ice
A broken heart a broken mind
Trying to "doo-wah doo-wah"
Felt helpless when I knew
That you weren't in control
Of your "doo-wah, doo-wah"
But there's a guy I know
And he's waiting here to
Help you with your "doo-wah, doo-wah"

Oh won't you pray
(Jesus loves you Brian Wilson)
That's what I say
(Jesus loves you Brian Wilson)
You're a crazy man
(Jesus loves you Brian Wilson)
He understands
(Jesus loves you Brian Wilson)
Come on and pray
You've nothing to lose
And everything to gain
You're already insane
He's right there to love you
He's so proud of you
You know that he'll place
No one above you
His love's gonna heal you
'Cause he made the real you
No way he could steal from you
Reach out and you'll feel it too

(C)1993 B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music (ASCAP)