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Imagine That

from the album "Little Red Riding Hood"

Imagine That
(Derri Daugherty, Terry Taylor)

Here is order from chaos
Here is light from the dark
You go down under water
And you breathe again
A thousand birds in the entry way
A fiery branch burns bright
With a holy flame
And it burns and it burns and it burns

Can you imagine that?
(When the sun stood still)
Can you imagine that?
(Or the cross on the hill)
Imagine that

There's a book about us
Filled with hope and despair
Crooks and crusaders
Clowns and kings
The innocent and the guilty fall
On a table by the rainlight
We taste it all in all in all in all

Can you imagine that?...

Angels dancing, scatter
New worlds like dust
The whole earth crying
Crying out in tongues

A man lays his life down
For another man
Uncertain things have
Happened again
And again and again and again

I can imagine that
I can imagine that
Can you imagine that?

(C)1993 B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music (ASCAP)