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Cry Baby

from the album "Green Room Serenade, Part One"

(Gene Eugene)
Sung by Gene with Terry

And then I saw you
Your were so beautiful
I think you whispered
Within the

You could listen to the song on the radio
You could listen to the song on the radio
I'll bet you never hear the song on the radio

Cry baby Cry
Don't you wonder why
You've stood so long
Your silence sung
Cry baby Cry

I had a dream too
It was so beautiful
And everything true
Within the

You could listen to the song on the radio. . .
I 'll bet you never hear the song on the radio
Cry baby Cry
Don't you wonder why
Your flesh is worn
Your body torn
Cry baby cry

I bet you never hear the song on the radio. . .
Cry baby cry
Don't you wonder why
You've stood so long
Your silence sung
Cry baby cry
Your flesh is worn
Your body torn
It's almost gone
The words will come
Your way is clear
To beg for tears
Cry baby cry
Cry baby.

(C)1996 by Lost Dogs