The Wall of Heaven

from the album "Gift Horse"

(Words and Music by Terry Taylor)

I've been a drunkard most of my life
My drinkin' killed my darlin' wife but not one night has she left me here alone
Still it's not her ghost I dread when she stands next to my bed
It's those words she speaks that chill me to the bone

I have seen the wall of heaven
And your name's not written there
And each time you turn from Jesus
It is more than I can bear
For there awaits a robe of diamonds
And a crown for you to wear
But I've seen the wall of heaven
And your name's not written there

I know a man who is my shame
Old Whisky is his name, and he mocks my wife each night when she appears
And though she's fighting for my soul, Old Whisky won't let go
Though she says these words through a ghostly veil of tears

(Repeat Chorus)

And every night it is the same
All the guilt and all the shame
And there's Old Whisky saying "Hey, I'm your truest friend"
And though the ghost has gone away, she will haunt me through the day
And when the night comes 'round, she'll remind me once again

(Repeat Chorus)

And though you've always been a sinner
And you've reaped just what you've sown
The angels are still willing
To carve your name into that stone
You've yet to give your heart to Jesus
Trust His love and tender care
For I've seen the Wall of Heaven
And your name's not written there